Homemade Slurpees & Slushies

Homemade Slushies and Slurpees are a great way to cool off on a hot day or just enjoy a cool treat. They really aren't hard to make and kids will love experimenting with different combinations. 
Share your slurpee combo down in the comments and will add it to the site.

Watermelon Cherry Slushie

by Cheryl
I make these watermelon cherry slushies for my grandkids.
1 medium watermelon, cut off the rind and take out as many seeds as you can.
Put it all in a blender and liquefy.
Strain it out so you don't have any seeds
Add one packet of watermelon cherry koolaid.
About 3/4 cup of sugar (to taste)to watermelon puree
Add about 1 cup mixture in blender. Add ice about 1/2 way and let the ice crush up to make a slush.

Fruit Punch Slushie

1 can fruit punch frozen concentrate
2 Cups apple juice
3 Cups ice cubes
Add ingredients to your blender and blend until ice cubes are crushed. You can mix and match ingredients as you would like such as different juice flavors or frozen juice flavors. 3 Cups of ice cubes are an estimate. Add more if you want more slush.

Kid's Slush

by Roxie
46 oz can unsweetened grapefruit juice
46 oz can unsweetened pineapple juice
1 large can frozen lemonade made with 7-up
1 large can frozen orange juice made with 7-up
1 quart cranberry juice

Start with 2 ice cream buckets and pour 23 ounce of unsweetened grapefruit juice in the first bucket and the remaining 23 ounces of grapefruit juice in the second bucket. Repeat the same process with the pineapple juice.

Pour the thawed frozen lemonade into a pitcher and fill the empty lemonade container three times with 7-up. Stir completely. Pour half of the prepared lemonade into each bucket. Repeat the same process with the orange juice.

Pour 1/2 quart of cranberry juice into each bucket.

Stir the contents of each bucket and place lid on top. Set in freezer and allow to freeze 1-2 hours before stirring. Return to freezer and freeze completely.

To enjoy: chip out a glass full of slush and top with 7-up.

Apple-Lemon Slushie

2 Cups crushed ice
1 Cup frozen apple juice concentrate
4 Tablespoons lemon juice

Take a blender, and put apple juice, lemon juice and crushed ice in a blender. Then blend until it become slushy.

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