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Top Kids Cookbooks for 2017

As we wrap up the new year I'm taking a look at some best seller cookbooks you'll find in the market this year. As well as highlighting some of our favorites and some new cookbooks just coming out. Cookbooks make great gifts whether as a family gift or for a child who loves to cook. 5 Top Cookbooks for 2017 Cooking Class by Deanna Cook. This cookbook is geared for ages 6-12 and includes recipes for lunch, dessert, dinners, vegetables, breakfast and snacks. A special chapter at the beginning teaching kids some important cooking skills like measuring, cleaning up and kitchen vocabulary. Kid Chef Foodie Kids Cookbook  Teaching kids some great skills with what to stock in your kitchen, using a knife correctly and much more. As well as including healthy recipes from all the important categories like main dishes, snacks and desserts. Master Chef Junior Cookbook follows after the popular television show that has aspiring young chefs cooking with other co

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