Fun Summer Recipes for Kids

Summer is a great time to seek out cooking activities to do with your kids. Summer cooking can be a lot of fun and should be used as a way of getting your child interested in cooking. Make sure that you focus on the process, and keep your feedback positive. Children learn best when they feel confident, and they will pick up a lot of that esteem from the way that you talk to them.

Most often children are home on school break so I like to get them more involved in the kitchen. Whether it is cooking dinner or doing special projects. Here are some favorite summer ideas to incorporate.

1. Campfire Cooking

Take advantage of the beautiful weather and go camping or just make a fire in a fire pit. Try these:
Kid's Campfire Cooking Recipes

these 5 Hobo Dinner Ideas 

Or experiment with some Dutch Oven Cooking for Kids

2. Cool off from the Heat Recipes

Ice Cream Recipes

Popsicle Recipes

Slurpee or slushies

Parfait Ideas

Homemade Gatorade 

Smoothie Recipes

3. Eat Outdoors

Picnic Ideas and Recipes
15 Favorite Picnic Recipes

Food at the Beach Ideas

Easy Grilling Recipes
Grilling Tips and Recipes 

4. Grow and Eat It

Watermelon Recipes

Grow your own Italian Pizza Garden

See our food facts for more vegetables and fruit theme recipes.

What do you like to do in the summertime with your kids?

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