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20 Ways to Cook with Kids

Need ideas on how to get your kids involved in cooking?   Here are 20 ways to cook with your kids! 
Start with the Cooking Basics for Kids 1. Measure it Teaching kids to measure accurately is an important step in them learning how to bake. We cover how and ways to teach this technique in our kids cooking lesson manual

2. Pour it Whether it is pouring in liquid ingredients or making popsicles, learning to pour accurately will come in handy when cooking.
3. Stir it in Stirring ingredients is a basic cooking skill children can learn while they are young. If you get them involved while they are young, this is always a good task for them. Any recipe will do that involves mixing with a large spoon.

4. Kitchen Prep Teaching kids that there is more than just jump into a recipe will help them develop better thinking skills. Start by finding a recipe and reading it through with them. Talk about what you need to prepare before starting. What kitchen utensils will you need to use? What ingre…

Homemade Gummies Recipes

We tried a few variations on Fruit Gummies at our house this week. We've included our top three favorites with photos and a cooking video.
Some important items you'll need beyond the normal kitchen products are unflavored gelatin and a silcone or candy mold.

4 Ingredients Gummies Ingredients: 

3 Tablespoons or 3 envelopes unflavored gelatin
1 Tablespoon honey
1 Tablespoon lemon juice
1 Cup fruit juice


In a saucepan, add fruit juice and lemon juice. Bring to boil. Let the mixture cool down slightly. Stir in honey. Slowly add-in gelatin and stir slowly crushing the lumps. Pour the mixture in gummy molds and chill for at least 1 hour. 

 Easy Jell-O Gummies Ingredients 

1/3 Cup cold water
1 package flavored Jell-O gelatin
3 packets unflavored gelatin


Mix unflavored and flavored gelatin with cold water into a saucepan.  Place over medium-low heat. Stir continuously.  When mixture blends together as a liquid. Take off heat and pour into greased …

A-Z Kids Cooking Recipes

Do you need a fun way to introduce the alphabet and cooking to kids? A theme idea like cooking with the alphabet can teach kids not only their letters but help them learn some fun cooking techniques too.

This could be a fun activity to incorporate into your school year. How about Alphabet Cooking  Friday? Where you concentrate on a letter of the week and end the week with some cooking activities inspired by that letter. We can come up with a lot of fun letter activities but here we will concentrate on A-Z cooking recipes.

Letter A Cooking IdeasApple recipes are a kid friendly hit or try Alfredo for dinner. You'll be surprised at how quick you can whip up some Alfredo sauce to go with your cooked noodles or broccoli.
More A ideas:
Letter B Cooking Ideas The letter B has a wealth of great recipes for kids like Broccoli, Beans or Basil Pesto . However you can go for meals like Bubble Pizza or Homemade Bowtie Pasta as well.
Letter C Cooking IdeasCorn Chowder or Chick…

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