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5 Holiday Gift Ideas for Children

If you are struggling to decide what to get the kids this year, we have a few ideas. I know I often wonder what is something new and different but fun the kids will actually use so I compiled this list of 5 things I like to gift myself. Cooking Kits Kids cooking and baking sets are great little products that include a recipe with dry ingredients and usually a fun product to go with it. Cooking Aprons What is more fun then a fun designer apron to wear when cooking in the kitchen. Kids Cookbook Here is our current list of top 10 Bestsellers in kids cookbooks. Kitchen Utensils  Our 10 Kitchen Products we think your cooking kids need. Cooking Gift Baskets Put together a fun cooking gift basket. Try a spaghetti basket or gourmet popcorn basket. See our gift basket ideas. More Ideas:  7 Cooking Gifts

Top 10 Kitchen Products to have when Cooking with Kids

Making sure you have the proper tools will help to remove some of the stress that tries to creep in when you are cooking with kids. Here is a short list of kitchen items and gadgets you should have on hand in order to make working with kids as stress free as possible. Plastic or porcelain knives – will cut vegetables, but not fingers. Curious Chef Knives Self-contained vegetable chopper – kids get to pound on something while being helpful and dicing vegetables to your liking. Garlic peeler and garlic press – no need to teach the smash and peel, let them roll the skin off and then squeeze the garlic until it turns to a semi-mush. Wooden stirring utensils – wooden utensils work on all surfaces, no need to worry about scratching the non-stick skillet. Small skillets and pans (good for little hands) – these are the little 5”-7” pans which are great to learn temperature settings and how to properly handle pots and pans. Cooking Aprons - Hel

Top 10 Reasons for Kids to Learn To Cook

This page has moved here.... Reasons why you should cook with your kids. What kids learn while cooking. Step by Step Set for Teaching Kids Cooking 

Traditional Tanghulu Recipe: A Fruity, Sugary Snack for The Ages

Cooking Around the World- China Candied haw on skewers or bing tanghulu is a traditional winter snack in China. Learn how to make this tasty and fruity treat in your own kitchen by following this recipe. Candy apples got nothing on Tanghulu. These delightful candied fruit treats on skewers greeted me when I first set foot on China for a business trip, and I've been hooked on them ever since. You can find them anywhere in Beijing , from street carts to outdoor market stalls, and even in fine dining places where they're served as dessert. What is **Bing Tang** Hulu, Anyway? Tanghulu (also called as bing tanghulu) is a Chinese candied fruit treat commonly eaten during winter. Traditionally, Tanghulu is made out of yellow or red hawthorn berries, but modern recipes now incorporate all kinds of fruits and nuts. As long as you can put the fruit on skewers and dip it into sugar syrup, then you can turn it into tanghulu. The sugar syrup which the fruits are dipped into lat

Teaching Children with Disabilities How to Cook

Teaching kids with disabilities how to cook isn’t only possible; it’s also an important life skill to promote independence in kids with special needs. However, it does require some special considerations.

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