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10 Healthy Snack Balls Recipes

HomeSnacks › Snack Balls 10 Healthy Snack Ball Recipes and Ideas Do you have an afterschool cooking class or a class party that has no kitchen or baking facilities? You'll love these no bake recipes!  Snack balls are easy for kids to put together so include them for children's snacks or lunchbox items. This post has moved … Read about 10 healthy snack balls here.
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Teaching Life Skills to Kids

 Here are some of our favorite resources on teaching life skills to kids wherever you are:

15+ Finger Foods for Kids and 6 Easy Appetizers

There is something about finger foods that have kids run to the table to join. I know my kids always enjoy them because it is like party size food. Here are my top 15 finger foods for kids.

This post has moved... see finger food for kids here. More Appetizer Ideas6 or fewer ingredients Snack Recipes 15 Finger Foods for Kids

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