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Parfait Ideas

Parfaits are a fun way to make an impressive looking dessert. This post has moved.... Read about our parfait ideas here. More Dessert Ideas for Kids

Push Pops

These push pop mold s are great for creating fun kids snacks and something you can be really creative with. Learn more about push pops here. ..Push Pops You can find the molds at Amazon.

Chia Seed Pudding Recipe

This is an easy recipe filled with healthy ingredients. Create several batches and put it in the fridge for snacking through the week. This post has moved here Chia Seed Pudding  Kiwi Chia Pudding Recipe Video Recipe Cards

Chocolate Cake in a Mug

More microwave meals   Tips on teaching kids to use the microwave Gourmet Cupcakes

Spices Around the World

Spices Around the World Spices from Around the World To help inspire you, the following chart shows some of the most popular culinary ingredients based on geographic region. **Keep in mind, some herbs, spices and seasonings, such as salt, black pepper and garlic, have an almost universal appeal that isn’t limited by geographic borders. More Cooking Resources Fresh herbs are super easy to grow from seed or from cuttings in your own garden and many can be brought indoors for year-round enjoyment. Learn more about cooking with herbs and spices.  Tie this into a cooking around the world lesson!

Homemade Fruit Leather

Home › Recipe Index › Fruit Leather This post has moved …read Homemade Fruit Leather. More Kids Recipes

Apple Pie Doughnuts

Home › Apple Recipes › Apple Doughnuts This post has moved. See apple pie doughnut recipe here

Top 10 Kids Cookbook Digest

It's been awhile since we've had a round up of favorite kids cookbooks, here is the last Top 10 Cookbooks post. So this time I'm going to post 10 of the best seller kids cookbooks you'll find on the market today. Then you can join our giveaway below! Winner was Steph- for a Star Wars Cookbook . 1. Who doesn't love Better Homes and Garden!  2 . Girls love princesses and what better way to learn to cook than with your favorite characters! 3. Harry Potter will always be a classic. This would make a great reading and cooking activity for kids. 4. The upcoming Star Wars movie has spread into the cooking arena. This fun book isn't just cookies it includes all types of courses. 5. Kids Fun and Healthy Cookbook - This cookbook is still going strong, it made it in our last list and was actually used as a giveaway. We enjoy this book. 6. Cooking Class Cookbook - filled with 57 recipes for kids to make. 7. Williams Sonoma Cookboo

Healthy Dessert Ideas

This post has moved... read more on healthy dessert ideas. Spectacular Dessert Kids Cooking Camp

Using Leftovers in Recipes

This post has moved here... Using Leftovers in Recipes. More Recipes

How to Teach Kids to Cook

Teaching Kids To Cook This post has moved here...

Getting Kids Interested In the Kitchen

Sometimes it is difficult to get kids interested in the workings of a kitchen. While we have already discussed why it is important, let’s take a look at how we can excite them enough to get started.   Read more on this post on getting kids interested in the kitchen Start your Own Cooking Lessons

Share and Tell: Cooking with a Church Group

It was a delight to read this letter from Rita. It came on a day where I needed an uplifting story and a reminder of  why I do what I do and work so hard on Kids Cooking Activities. Thank you so much Rita for sharing your experience. Do you wonder how you can get involved teaching kids to cook? Follow Rita's ideas and experience for some ideas on how to implement cooking with the kids in your life! I'd love to hear your story and experiences too, feel free to contact me.   i just want to tell you what an inspiration you have been to me with my group of 8 girls who I've recently begun teaching to cook. I started God's Girls over 3 years ago with a group of 9-12 year old girls teaching them to sew.  But I saw you online one day and thought how great it would also be to teach my girls to cook since the schools don't have Home Ec for learning sewing and cooking anymore.  ( this is the inspiration I had for

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