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Bubble Pizza

This recipe has moved read more on Bubble Pizza Recipe here. See more similar recipes for Monkey Bread. More Recipes Like This

2 of the Best Shopping Rebates

One thing I love to use during the holiday season or even birthdays is Rakuten . There is nothing like getting a rebate back when you go shopping, I'm not a big paper coupon user. Although many years ago I was really into coupons and refunding and had great success (and fun) with it. Ebates Now a days I swear by these two rebate companies Rakuten and Ibotta If you buy anything online you need to sign up for Rakuten . By shopping through their links you get cash back on purchases made at many websites. I do it whenever I shop online and the little bits certainly add up. It is free to sign up so it is worth doing. Ibotta Ibotta is an app for your iphone. You unlock different rebates for grocery items some as easy as milk and bananas. Go to the store and when you get home scan your products and take a picture of you

Holiday Foods that Kids Can Prepare -Christmas Cooking with Kids

Christmas is a holiday where the entire family tries to get together. Sweet smells waft from the kitchen as those with the talent prepare meal after meal to everyone’s delight. If you have kids, get them in on the Christmas cooking craze. This post has moved... Read more Holiday Foods that Kids Can Prepare here. More Holiday Cooking Activities: Learn How to Make Homemade Chocolates Homemade Fudge Recipes Christmas Candy Recipes Homemade Suckers Christmas Cookie Recipes Gingerbread House Recipes Food Gift Ideas Dough Ornament Recipes Happy New Year Recipes Snowman Theme Recipes Christmas Cooking

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