10 Summer Activities

As the final weeks of summer come to a close now (in the USA) it is time to savor the summer. Before packing up the kids for the first day of school and harvesting the last of your garden, try enjoying some of these best summer activities.

1. Homemade Ice Cream

Make your own homemade ice cream. You don’t have to have a special ice cream maker for this, you can make homemade ice cream with a can. Making a basic vanilla or chocolate ice cream is easy and delicious. However, try creating your own summer flavor like mango strawberry or watermelon sorbet.

2. Water Fun

Amazingly kids and adults don’t tire from a simple water hose on a hot summer day. Fill some water balloons, hook up a sprinkler or squirt each other with hoses. End the activity with a popsicle outside and a simple activity becomes a super fun summer activity. 

3. Beach Picnic

Nothing says summer like a trip to the beach. If you are lucky enough to live close to one, take a special trip to the beach. Pack a picnic lunch, bag some sand toys and don’t forget the sunscreen.

4. Pool Fun

Almost every community has a great community pool or/ and park that you can visit for a day of summer play. Taking along a frisbee, picnic or a ball can add more fun to the day, too. 

5. Garden Recipes

Preserve the summer’s goodness by making homemade salsa with fresh homemade tomatoes. Do you have an abundance of zucchini? Make several batches of zucchini bread and freeze some for later. 

7. Star Gazing

Stay up late and watch the stars come out. You can even take it one step forward and even camp in the backyard with a tent.

8. Summer Campfire

Find a safe place for a campfire whether it is your backyard or a fire pit elsewhere and do some campfire cooking. An easy meal to prepare is to wrap a chicken breast or hamburger patty with fresh vegetables in several sheets of tin foil. We like to use sliced potatoes, fresh green beans and onion slices. Season with salt and pepper add a spoonful of gravy and seal tight. Cook in the campfire for 30 minutes or until meat and potatoes are done. 

End the evening with smores or roasted marshmallows and you will all go home smelling smoky, having a full belly and having a family memory to tuck away.

9. Watermelon

Another famous summer memory is cutting through a juicy watermelon and sinking your teeth into its juicy goodness. This is one fruit that can only be enjoyed during the summer when it is fresh and in season. As the water drips down your chin savor it for it will be another year until watermelon is back and plentiful. See this post on watermelon recipes.

10. Community Activities and Events

Gather the kids, the friends, the neighbors and family and head to an amusement park, water park or county fair.
Last but not least summer is for leisure activities! After all the song says “summertime and the living is easy.” Nothing is quite so leisurely than fishing. Gather the fishing gear and spend a day at the lake, river or ocean. Don’t like to fish? Then just enjoy a backyard hammock.

Have you done any of these this summer?

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