Top 10 Kitchen Products to have when Cooking with Kids

Making sure you have the proper tools will help to remove some of the stress that tries to creep in when you are cooking with kids.

Here is a short list of kitchen items and gadgets you should have on hand in order to make working with kids as stress free as possible.

Curious Chef Knives

  • Self-contained vegetable chopper – kids get to pound on something while being helpful and dicing vegetables to your liking.

  • Garlic peeler and garlic press – no need to teach the smash and peel, let them roll the skin off and then squeeze the garlic until it turns to a semi-mush.

  • Wooden stirring utensils – wooden utensils work on all surfaces, no need to worry about scratching the non-stick skillet.

  • Small skillets and pans (good for little hands) – these are the little 5”-7” pans which are great to learn temperature settings and how to properly handle pots and pans.

  • Crinkle Cutter- Kids love to make crinkle cucumber or carrots with this easy gadget.

  • Muffin Scoop- Use for scooping muffins, cookie dough, ice cream, melons, and more.
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