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15 Favorite Picnic Recipes

One of the joys of kids summer cooking is planning the perfect picnic lunch. You need to get your child to think about recipes that can be stored easily and don’t require people to be sitting at a table with a knife and fork to eat. You also need to get them thinking about foods that will work well cold, unless you plan on taking a portable stove with you.

If they’re not sure about what to pack, suggest trying:

• Salads - Be sure to help your child chop the pieces big enough so that people can pick at the salad with their fingers. For an extra challenge, you can introduce your child to salad dressings, and spend time with the blender trying to make the perfect mix.

 • Sandwiches - Lay out lots of different ingredients, and ask your child to put together sandwiches for all the picnic guests. This will help develop their sense of empathy. In addition, they will get a good feeling when people congratulate them on their choice.

• Cupcakes - These make for perfect kids summer cooking dishes as they are quick and easy to make and will satisfy their sweet tooth. Be sure to look around at the different recipes available to you to extend your child’s repertoire. When you’ve made the food, encourage your child to put together a packing list of all the equipment that you’ll need, and help them find the right containers for the different types of food. This will get them to think about the shelf life of food, along with making sure they have enough food for all the guests.

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