April Fool's Fun Recipes

April Fool's Day, April 1, is a great day to create food fun with your kids. Here are two April Fool's Fun Ideas from our readers. See more ideas like meatloaf cake, secret ingredient recipes like Tomato Soup Cake and more ideas for breakfast, dinner and dessert on our April Fool's Page.

April Fool's Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

by Kelly
(Reno, NV)
2 slices Sara Lee pound cake, toasted
Make (or buy) vanilla frosting, tinted orange for cheese

Directions: lightly toast slices of pound cake and spread with colored frosting. Cut in half and serve.

My kids love these special "grilled cheese" sandwiches on April Fool's Day. We serve it with meatloaf cupcakes frosted with tinted mashed potatoes for lots of giggles when daddy comes to the table for dinner.

Hot Dogs and Fries

by Kianna Marie

Giant Tootsie Roll
Pound Cake
Strawberry Jam
Red and yellow tinted frosting.

Cut up the pound cake into strips that look like fries. place them onto a cookie sheet and broil them in the oven on all sides until they have the color of French Fries. Sprinkle them with sugar.

Make a slit in the Twinkies and place a piece of Tootsie Roll inside the slit.

Use a cake decorating bag, pipe on a line of red frosting on one side of the Tootsie Roll for ketchup and a line of yellow on the other side for mustard. Serve the "hot dogs" with the "fries" and a side of "ketchup" (strawberry jam or left over frosting)

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