Homemade Fruit Leather

This weekend our family went to an apple orchard. We've been busy like little squirrels preparing for the winter. I've made applesauce and today I'm going to share with you how to make apple leather.

There are two kitchen appliances I recommend for making leather. If you are making apple leather you may want an apple corer slicer if you have a lot of apples to prepare. The other kitchen appliance is a food dehydrator. I know you can make leather in other ways but I recommend for safety and ease a food dehydrator. ( you can also make dried fruit or jerky in it as well as fruit leather)

First we made applesauce with the apples by coring and slicing the apples and placing them in the crockpot. I sprinkled lemon juice over them every few layers.  Fill your crockpot and cook on high 6-8 hours.

There are faster ways of making applesauce by cooking in a pot on the stove. Just make sure you stir your pot often if using the stove. I like to use the crockpot because I just prepped it in the morning and had a busy day doing other projects.

Once your applesauce is cooked and mashed. Pour onto the food dryer sheets and let dry 6-8 hours.

Peel off and wrap in plastic wrap. Freeze or store in a plastic container.

The kids loved it and I'm already planning on making another batch soon.

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