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Cookbook Reviews Top 10

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It is hard to come up with a top 10 in Kids Cookbooks because really there are 100's of cookbooks out there worthy of note. These are some of our top favorites and books that get the best reviews hands down. Stay tuned in the next few weeks as we highlight some different varieties of kids cookbooks out there on the market.

10 Great Kids Cookbooks in no particular order!

What we like:
  • Spiral bound, hard cover
  • Great photos
  • Fun, delicious real recipes
  • photo section on basic cooking skills such as dicing, chop, etc.

What we like:
  • Step by step photos
  • Easy directions
  • Healthy but delicious recipes
  • Includes fruit and vegetable and food facts throughout the book
Emeril's There's a Chef in My Soup! Recipes for the Kid in Everyone

What we like:
  • Fun names for the recipes but real ingredient recipes
  • Although we don't like the graphics as well as real photos the graphics help for step by step directions
  • Includes information on different kitchen tools and appliances that kids can use
  • If you like Emeril you'll most likely like the cookbook

What we like:
  • Colorful photos
  • Great beginning cookbook because it has easy and fun recipes

What we like:
  • A great cookbook for older kids 8 and up.
  • A unique variety of recipes. 
  • A great cookbook to get your kids to cook/help with dinner.
  • Difficult-easy rating included for each recipe

What we like:
  • Colorful cookbook with nice photos
  • Great recipes that kids can create with little supervision
  • a good basic cookbook for beginners

    What we like:
    • A great step by step cookbook with photos
    • Clear directions and easy recipes to follow
    • Takes kids beyond simple recipes like souffle

    What we like:
    • Spiral bound so pages lay flat
    • fun retro drawings add to the uniqueness of the cookbook
    • clear directions and fun recipes
    What we like:
    • Beautiful photos
    • Recipes engage kids desire to get cooking
    • Spiral bound, hard cover
    What we like:
    • A cookbook written by two young chefs (with parents help ;}
    • Great photos of finished cooking projects
    • well written clear directions and unique delicious recipes
    • Basic review of cooking skills with photos

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