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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

15 finger foods for kids

There is something about finger foods that have kids run to the table to join. I know my kids always enjoy them because it is like party size food. Here are my top 15 finger foods for kids.

Vegetables combined with a Dip. Think of ways you can combine dip with your vegetables; mini peppers with dip inside, small vegetable sticks inside a mini glass and dip on the bottom or these cucumber cups.

Fruit Kabobs- give kids cubed fruits and let them build a fruit stick.

Cheese Cubes Kabob- build a ham or turkey kabob with this non reader recipe

Banana Pops- roll bananas in a tasty treat.

Spider Crackers- make crackers more fun with creating them into spiders.

Chicken Drumsticks- add a tasty marinade to chicken legs and grill or bake and you have a kid friendly finger food for dinner.

Rice Cakes- An easy snack that kids can eat with their hands and create how they like is to add a spread to rice cakes and top with diced fruit.

Mini Hamburgers- anything miniature size means kids can eat it as finger foods as well as have a lot more fun eating.

Add a fruit dip to sliced fruit and kids just might be more willing to dip and eat.

Bruschetta- You can make a fruit bruschetta with cheese (cottage or cream) and chopped fruit or jam. Another method is to try a Tomato Bruschetta recipe

Meat Kabobs- Marinade meat. Shred meat and vegetables on metal skewers and grill.

Ham Roll Ups- You can make lunch meat roll ups easily by adding different fillings.

Mini Quiches- Take your favorite quiche recipe and bake little quiches with a mini muffin pans.

Homemade fruit leather- with the right equipment you can create fruit leather homemade easily. 

Deviled Eggs- Most kids will love deviled eggs for snack or lunch time.

More Kid Friendly finger foods and dips


What are some of your families favorite finger foods?

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