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Monday, August 31, 2015

Using Leftovers in Recipes

These leftover recipes will help you know what to do with yesterday's dinner or give you some ideas of what you can fix once and eat twice.

If you are planning ahead for using leftovers for another dinner, take off what is needed for the next meal before serving. For example, if you are using part of a roast chicken for a soup recipe (below) take off what you need before serving the remainder of the chicken meat for tonight's dinner.

Sometimes I like to cook a little extra knowing I can use the extra for dinner the next day. If you do this it will leave you with a day of little prep work at dinner time.

Leftover Recipes for Now and Later Meals

  1. Grilled or baked chicken breasts- Chop extra chicken and add a can of cream of chicken soup with a little milk. You can make a homemade sauce also. Serve over cooked rice or noodles.

  2. Leftover rice- Create fried rice by adding green peas, shredded carrots and soy sauce into a skillet. Push all your food to the side of your pan and add 1-2 eggs. Beat and allow to cook several minutes until set. Stir into rice. Add more soy sauce, as needed. Learn more about cooking rice.

  3. Meatballs- Create a quick dinner with leftover meatballs by adding tomato or spaghetti sauce to your meatballs and serving on a french roll or hoagie bun.  How to make meatballs.

  4. Pork roast- Shred your remaining pork roast and add salsa and shredded cheese. If you like spicy food add one can of green chilies also. Mix together and serve on tortillas. Top with sour cream if desired.

  5. Roast beef- Add barbecue sauce to your leftover shredded roast beef and serve on wheat rolls or by itself. Learn how to make roast beef.

  6. Sloppy joes- Place your leftover sloppy joes in a casserole dish. Top with green beans and layer mashed potatoes on the top. Sprinkle with cheese and bake 15-20 minutes until warm and cheese is melted. Here is our favorite sloppy joe recipe.

  7. Roast beef-Shred leftover beef and make a simple au jus for a french dip sandwich.

  8. Roast chicken- Add leftover shredded chicken to a basic chicken noodle soup or try this delicious recipe for Chicken Chowder. Try this crockpot roast chicken recipe.

  9. Mashed Potatoes- Top a shepherd's pie with leftover mashed potatoes.

  10. Make fajitas or soft tacos with leftover beef or chicken. Add chopped peppers and onions and saute.

  11. Take your leftover meat and vegetables and create a spring roll.
If you are sick of leftovers for the week, create a casserole with your leftovers, or  freeze as is for future dinners.

Leftover Recipes-  Salads

Here are a few salad ideas made with leftovers you can try the next time you’ve got food in the fridge that no one wants to finish off.

  • Leftover roast beef can be sliced and added to a salad for a hearty lunch.

  • What about pork? Add it to a salad with some sesame seeds and coleslaw for an Asian side dish. 

  • Left over hamburger can be added to a bit of lettuce to make a taco salad. Add tomatoes, cheese, black olives and onion with a little dab of sour cream. Toss in some tortilla chips or use the ingredients to fill a taco salad bowl and you have the perfect taco salad to delight the whole family.

  • What about chicken or turkey leftovers? Remove the meat from the bones. Add some mayonnaise, celery, hard boiled eggs and pickles for a chicken salad.

  • Cooked vegetables can be tossed together with cooked pasta to create a pasta salad. Drizzle with salad dressing if you choose.

  • Leftover fruit can also be made into a yummy fruit salad. Add a few marshmallows, some nuts and a dab of whipped topping and you have the makings of a perfect dessert. 
Give it a shot and see what great combinations you can come up with for your own leftover recipes.

Back to School Around the World


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Kids love seeing what other kids around the world eat for lunch and how they celebrate the first day of school. Plus, learn about a fun school activity that will inspire kids to learn new languages!
See more around the world cooking ideas here

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Thursday, August 27, 2015

Online Cooking Classes

I came across this resource for teaching kids about cooking. Craftsy has online classes and many of them are free after you sign up. I’ve chosen 5 of my favorites. However there are almost 100 classes available so make sure you browse to find some of your own favorites.

Cooking Mistakes: What can go wrong and how to make it right- this class covers topics such as  what to do if you cut yourself, poor kitchen timing, under or over seasoning, when pasta goes wrong, dry chicken and steak mistakes. -Free

20 Essential Cooking Techniques- Learn about enhancing flavors, cooking eggs in a variety of ways, cooking vegetables, chicken, making stock and cooking fish and pork.-
(this class isn’t free but fairly cheap for all the learning information in it)

Knife Skills- a must class for learning correct way for using a kitchen knife and being safe. -Free

Pizza Making Class -Free

Love your Vegetables- What kids to learn to love cooking vegetables.
This video covers cooking different vegetables including winter squash, root vegetables, hearty greens, cabbage, peppers, eggplant, tomatoes, beans and more. -Not Free

Let me know if you find a class you recommend!

Hope you enjoy it as much I did!

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