Teaching Cooking Beyond the Kitchen

So today I have some great ideas for teaching your kids about cooking beyond the kitchen.

Teaching Cooking Beyond the Kitchen

Tour factories. If you are lucky to have a food factory in your area, they often will give tours of how the factory is run.

Bakeries. Like factories many local bakeries if asked for a tour are happy to give kids this learning experience.

Restaurants. At slow times local restaurants may also be willing to give tours of there kitchen. This really gives those kids interested in cooking a bird's eye view of how things are run behind the scenes.

Professional chef. Do you have a professional chef in your area? Try looking at specialty kitchen shops, restaurants, personal chefs or even a cooking loving mom, dad or grandma can be a lot of fun giving a cooking presentation or lesson.

Kitchen specialty stores. Take a tour of a kitchen specialty shop and your kids can learn all about different appliances, kitchen utensils and more. This can really spark the interest of kid chefs.

Involve your kids in grocery shopping. Sometimes it is easier for a mom or dad to go shopping without the kids but getting them involved can teach them a lot about healthy food, cooking and planning meals.