Best Camping Tips and Ideas Round Up

What Camping Supplies Do I Need?

When you are planning a trip into the wilderness, it can be tempting to carry along every conceivable necessity, along with a few luxuries just in case. But the number one essential item is simplicity. You don’t want your car crammed with countless objects and you don’t want to go hiking with more than you can carry.

So, what do you need on a camping expedition? How do you limit your belongings while still taking along everything you need for a night away from civilization?

The Basic Camping Supply List

  • tent
  • sleeping bag and pad
  • tarpaulin/ wet weather gear
  • dry clothing
  • pillows and blankets
  • fire starter
  • axe
  • shovel
  • compass and maps
  • battery operated radio
  • extra batteries
  • instant tire repair
  • toilet paper
  • towels and toiletries
  • map of site
  • whistles
  • water supply or filter
  • cooking tools 
  • food supplies 
  • first aid kit 

Our Favorite Camping Blanket

Besides what we have already mentioned add this blanket to your supply list:
Outdoor and Indoor Puffy Camping Blanket
  • Easily washable
  • Soft
  • Use as a picnic blanket in warm weather or to wrap up in cold weather
  • Easily store in its bag - 9"x17"
  • Dries quickly
  • Light weight

What Should You Bring Camping for Food Preparation

When you’re taking food to a camping site, ask yourself: “How will I cook it? How will I keep it fresh? Will there be left-overs?” There is no point taking along all the ingredients for a delicious gourmet feast if it cannot be prepared over a camp fire or cook stove; nor do you want to take too many ingredients that must be chilled to stay fresh. Perhaps most important of all, scraps of left-over food will attract unwanted midnight guests who will scavenge through your campsite.

However, you do want a good supply of non-perishable, energy-rich food stored in sturdy containers to sustain you throughout your camping trip. You will also need basic cooking equipment.

Here are some ideas to think about:
  • matches and/ or full-fuel lighter
  • fire starters or kindling
  • cook stove and fuel
  • cooler
  • garbage bags
  • paper towels
  • dish washing detergent, dish cloth and dish towel
  • kettle
  • saucepan and skillet
  • can opener
  • cooking oil and plastic wrap
  • aluminum foil and plastic wrap
  • hot pads or oven mitts
  • plates, bowls, cups and cutlery
  • food storage containers
  • wash tub
  • large containers of drinking water

Camping Meal Ideas

Eating while camping is one of my favorite activities. For some reason food cooked over a campfire or after a day of hiking tastes great. Here are some food ideas to add to your camping trip.
5 Hobo Dinner Ideas/AKA Tin Foil Dinners
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Camping Desserts

Campfire Cakes
7 Campfire Desserts Beyond Smores 

Camping Games

Get the family involved in camping games. Great ideas here for after you've fished, hiked, biked, etc. for the day and need some fun outdoor activities. 7 Outdoor Camping Game Ideas 

Camping Activities

Kids are bored and you need some new life in your camping trip? Try these 5 Camping Activities.