Planning Healthy Meals

In this rush-rush world it is hard to take the time to have a proper meal. When kids call and work calls, we usually grab what we can get our hands on just to keep the hunger pains at bay. But today is a new day. We are going to give you some suggestions for healthy meals that won’t take up too much time and energy.

Healthy Meals Tips

The first step of eating healthy is planning. With a plan in place, you’ll begin to see how healthy eating can be easier for you and your family.

Prepare your breakfast and lunch the night before. When you oversleep that blows all your well meant healthy food ideas. There is no time to fix your breakfast or lunch so you grab something on the way with less nutritional value. Taking a little time at night to get everything together goes a long way. You’ll be glad you did when you are in a rush the next morning.

Here are some ideas for healthy meals in a flash.

  • Toast with add-ins – Toast is just the beginning. Try choosing whole grain and multi-grain breads. From here, you can add a little protein to help feed your hunger and also stop mid-morning cravings. Add a piece of sliced turkey, cheese, peanut butter or scrambled egg. The eggs can be scrambled ahead of time and reheated in the morning for a few seconds.

  • Smoothies – These look just like glorified shakes but they are power packed with good stuff. You don’t just have to add fruits (banana, strawberry, mango, pineapple). You can also put in a cup of low-fat yogurt, flaxseed, wheat germ and other good things to boost your vitamin intake. Mix your ingredients together in a bowl. In the morning, put them in the waiting blender and in a minute or two, you’re ready to go.

  • Eggs – Eggs are quite versatile. If you are in a hurry and most of you are, boil them. You can boil them the night before and have them ready to go. Eat one as you drive to work or cut it up on toast for a quick sandwich.

  • Who says that bag lunches are dead? They just have fancier packaging. Get your lunch ready at night so all you have to do is line up the boxes on the counter for everyone to grab as they leave. With microwave ovens in school and office cafeterias, you can enjoy hot and cold healthy fare. Leftovers from dinner are usually better the next day anyway.

Are you looking for healthy solutions to your quick meal dilemma? Use the suggestions above to help get you moving on the right track even if you are already moving fast.
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