5 Best Breakfast Casserole Recipes

Whether it's a special occasion, Sunday brunch or even a breakfast for dinner night, I love having breakfast casseroles. They include so many of the family's favorite ingredients and is a one pot meal I can bake in the oven.

Here are 5 of our favorite breakfast casseroles.

  1. A ham and cheese dish you prepare in a loaf pan. Slice it up and Yum!
  2. Ham and Cheese Loaf

  3. Using a crescent roll package as the crust this casserole has simple ingredients like sausage, cheese and eggs. Crescent Roll Breakfast Casserole

  4. A casserole that you can prepare the night before is this Egg Casserole

  5. A hash brown crusted breakfast casserole! 

  6. A traditional quiche with a pie crust, always a classic breakfast casserole at our house!
**Also try one of these baked French Toast Recipes.

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