Shredded Meat Tacos in the Instant Pot

Chalupas in the Electric Pressure Cooker

Whether you have an Instant Pot or other type of electric pressure cooker, this recipe idea will have dinner on the table fast!

A quick and easy instant pot recipe for lunch or dinner is shredded meat taco meals also called Chalupas. You simply place chicken, pork, or beef into your instant pot along with vegetables and seasoning. Consider using chicken or turkey to make it a healthier taco.

Cook your meat on the meat setting and then shred with a fork.

Mix in any taco sauce or other sauces that you may like and warm your soft taco shells or regular taco shells. Dish out the meat mix and enjoy.

You can make these ahead of time as well, add some Spanish style rice and have a quick ready-made lunch on the go.

See this recipe for Chalupas.

Using a Pressure Cooker

It's important to have kitchen appliances around your home to make cooking go a lot smoother and enjoyable. Instant pressure cookers come in all different shapes, sizes, and colors, but choosing the one that fits your needs can sometimes be quite difficult because there are so many different selections and advancements of each pressure cooker. Have you ever heard of a pressure cooker having nine different uses all for one appliance? Now, that's an instant cooker. Learn more about Instant Pot's here.

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