Ways to Get 5 Servings of Fruits and Veggies in Kids Each Day

We all know that both adults and kids are supposed to get five servings for fruits and veggies in each day, but this can be pretty challenging for most of us to do. A serving is about half a cup for adults and just a little less for kids. However, for dried fruits and veggies, it’s only 1-2 tablespoons because the nutrients are better concentrated. Below are some tips for how to get the recommended five a day in.

Start Slow 

It can be hard to go from one or two servings a day to five. So, just take it slow at first and only add one or two additional servings a day. For example, start with a salad…top it with a tablespoon of cranberries and some fresh cucumbers. At another meal, eat some raw carrots with low-fat dip in addition to your meal. Or, you can enjoy a snack or grapes.

The key is to try and add something at every meal whether it is a fruit or veggie. If you can do that, you’ll automatically be adding three servings every day!

Serve Them Frozen 

Many kids prefer frozen fruits and veggies over raw fruits and veggies. Therefore, try to serve them froze and see how well they go over. A couple of veggies to try out are peas, green beans and green bell pepper strips. Frozen fruits are always great because they have a dessert-like quality about them that kids love.

You can purchase a lot of fruits already frozen, but some, like bananas, do best if you freeze them at home. With bananas, you’ll have to eat them within a week or so because they’ll start browning if you don’t. Another great way to serve frozen fruits is to puree them and freeze them into popsicles!

*Be cautious of choking hazards.

Dried Fruits

Dried fruits are also a great option. Many kids enjoy dried fruits like apricots, raisins, pineapples and cranberries. They can easily be added to cereal or served alone with meals.

Be Creative

Kids are funny because a lot of the times, they’ll eat foods that don’t usually excite them if they are presented in a fun way. This is why many parents use cookie cutters to shape foods and make pictures with fruits and veggies before serving to their kids. Get creative about how you present these foods and watch how much more excited your kids get to eat them!


Finally, kids love fun drinks and what’s more fun than a fresh smoothie? Add fruits like bananas, strawberries, blueberries and apples to the blender with some fruit juice and you’re ready to go…just blend and serve. Some parents get creative and find ways to add sweet potatoes, steamed kale and other not-so-fun foods to the smoothie without their kids ever finding out!

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