Domino Cookies- Edible Craft Series

Cooking Crafts for Kids Series

Domino Cookies

For this edible craft you will need:
  • Rectangle shaped cookies or crackers
  • Frosting or other spread
  • Raisins, Mini M&M candies or other small circle candies/fruit (we used chocolate raisins)
How to:
Add a dot of spread to each end of your rectangle cookie. However many dots you want on each end. Add a line of frosting in the middle.
**Play dominoes and eat a snack as you play. It really is a simple craft that can be a lot of fun with the kids.

Cooking crafts for kids combine two great activities, cooking, and crafts. Each of these activities will improve your kids motor skills, encourage an adventurous palate, boost confidence, while learning about different topics, how things are made, help with math, and planning.

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