How to Make a Rainbow Cake with Kids

Do you love to bake with your children, but need new creative recipes for kids? The increasingly popular Rainbow Cake could be one of those simple recipes for kids.

Great as either a surprise gift or to serve at a party rainbow cakes have real ‘wow’ factor that children will love. In this article we describe everything you need to undertake this fun activity for kids. It’s a great bonding activity with a tasty result.

What You’ll Need
Start by getting together all the necessary materials. These include:
• Cake tin

• Cake stand

• Multiple bowls

• Icing-spreading knife

• Oven

• Whisk

• Ingredients (see below)

How To Prepare
This is quite an undertaking, so start early!

Three days before the party or birthday: Make sure you have all the necessary equipment and ingredients in the house. Considering the time needed to color, bake and assemble all these layers it’s best to make sure you are prepared well in advance.

Two days before the party or birthday: Bake the cake and leave to cool (you could combine this with tomorrow’s activities, but considering it could take a good few hours and you may have other preparations to do, it’s often sensible to separate the two steps. The cake keeps fine in sealed containers.)

One day before the party or birthday: Assemble! This is the fun bit and probably the part your child will enjoy most. Make sure to supervise at all times and perhaps provide a photo of the finished product to help. Full instructions below!

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Rainbow Cake Recipe

• Six bags of sponge mix (if you have a tried and tested recipe use that, but if not we recommend using a mix for simplicity)

• Six eggs 

• Water

• Food coloring: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple

• 500g – 1kg icing sugar (depending on size of the cake)

• Butter – roughly equal amount to icing sugar

• Milk – amount depends on icing sugar/butter, but usually just a few splashes are needed to soften the mixture up

• Rainbow sprinkles (optional)

Whip up the sponge mix with the eggs and water according to pack instructions. Allow kids to have a go on the electric whisks or do some hand beating. Separate out into six bowls and add different food coloring to each, creating one sponge mix for each color of the rainbow. This can be messy! Especially with little ones around. Ensure they’re all in old clothes and put newspaper on any surfaces before starting.

Pour one mixture at a time into a greased round cake tin and bake according to the sponge mix instructions. Unless you have six identical cake tins this will take a little while. Leave each cake to cool down on a wire rack while the others bake.

If you’re doing this over two days, pack your six cakes away in a sealed container overnight and return when your children are fully rested the next morning. Start the assembly process by helping the kids to mix up icing: butter, icing sugar and milk. Amounts don’t need to be exact as it’s more about ratios depending how much icing you need. Introduce your children to the concept of trial and error as you add a little of each until reaching the required consistency.

Once the icing in ready, place the purple layer on the cake stand and help your child to spread icing in a even 0.5cm layer over the top. Now add the blue layer and another layer of icing. Repeat this process until you finish with the red layer on top. If a few different kids are helping let them take it in turns to add each layer. Now spread a final layer of icing over the top then give your little one(s) a plastic knife or spoon and get them to help you cover the edges in icing too. And for the final touch: allow the children to pour rainbow sprinkles over the top. Voila, a beautiful cake for that special birthday or party!

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