4th of July Cake Ideas

Historic Themed Cakes

Historic 4th of July cakes might include a Revolutionary themed cake with tootsie roll forts and plastic cannons. Make a sheet cake into the nation’s first flag sewn by Betsy Ross featuring thirteen stars in a circle shape. Use tan and brown icing to create desert camouflage to honor someone currently serving or a veteran.

Using an 8-inch round and 10-inch square cake pans create a patriotic cake in the shape of Uncle Sam’s Hat. Round off the edges of the 10-inch square cake then apply red icing to form the brim of the hat.

Decorate the second layer iced in blue with candy stars or you can use a piping tip and white icing to ice free hand stars around the edge of this layer. Use white icing in between the next two layers and with a wide spatula apply the vertical red and white icing stripes. Ice the top of the cake in red adding decorations or wording.

Using silicone cupcake baking cups, colored cake batter allows these types of cupcakes to be iced on top in a different color. Spread white icing on top of blue colored cupcakes and blue icing on red ones. Candy decorations can be added as well as paper flags, Uncle Sam hats and pretend sparklers. Making firecrackers out of construction paper tubes and thin Mylar strips is a way to personalize these paperless cupcakes.

4th of July Cakes

Cut star shapes out of cardstock paper in graduated sizes to use as a pattern and create a tiered star cake. Use red, white and blue icing for each star layer or use gel icing in red or blue with the star iced in white. The highest section of the cake topped with miniature paper flags gives this cake a patriotic flare.

Cupcakes provide an ideal bottom layer for shaping flags, stars and firework shapes. Place red and white iced cupcakes in rows for the stripes and blue iced ones for the field. Fill in the spaces with the color of the icing of the cupcakes and place candy stars on the blue cupcakes. Using a wide stripe icing-tip, place a border around the flag where you then add paper flags, miniature plastic or candy stars.

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