Mother's Day Fun Recipes

Fun ideas of what to do for Mom

It's a great time for the kids to prepare breakfast in bed, Mother's Day Tea Party or an easy dinner. You can find our Mother's Day cooking ideas here.

Here are 5 more Fun Mother's Day Ideas

  1. Plan a getaway even if it is only pretend. You can present her with a menu, homemade card and feed her with Dad's help. You can find international recipes for your pretend trip.

  2. Have a potluck party with Mom, other family members and friends.

  3. Create Mom a handmade gift she will cherish no matter what it is. You can get ideas in our Craft Recipes or Kids Sewing Projects

  4. Help with Chores. This is a free way to get mom really excited about Mother's Day. What mom doesn't like to be surprised or even have a helping hand in cleaning, gardening, washing windows or washing her car.

  5. Pamper her. How about giving mom an at home spa. Manicures, pedicures or facials are all easy to do at home and fun!

More Help on Making Mother's Day Special

 Find recipes for breakfast in bed, a Mother's Day Tea Party and/or a Mother's Day Spa here.
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Mother's Day Fun Recipes

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