Benefits of Growing your Own Food With Kids

There are plenty of benefits of growing your own food when you have kids. You should try to get your kids involved in the growing process as much as possible. This helps teach them many important things at once, such as the need to work in order to get results, and the types of nutrients contained in different vegetables.

Educating Your Kids About Food 

Obesity is considered an epidemic in many countries around the world now, and this is largely due to poor education about food. Many children needlessly suffer from diabetes and other weight-related problems as a result of not being provided with education and guidance when it comes to food.

In Western countries in particular, we’re constantly bombarded by advertising for foods that aren't healthy – and much of this advertising is targeted directly at children. Getting your kids involved in a home food growing project will help them learn the differences between healthy and unhealthy foods and develop a better understanding of their body’s nutritional requirements. This is possibly the biggest benefit of growing your own food with your kids – you can teach them about eating healthy.

Putting Food on the Table Requires Work

Most kids grow up expecting there to be dinner on the table every night, without ever developing a full appreciation for the fact that their parents work hard to put it there. Getting them involved in the process of growing food will help give them a greater appreciation for the fact that the food they enjoy every day doesn’t just appear out of thin air. It either has to be bought, or grown and tended to personally. Either way, kids will develop a greater appreciation for what they eat.

How to Get Kids Interested

The idea of growing food at home with your kids might hold great appeal for you – but not so much appeal for your kids. In this case, you might have to sweeten the deal a bit in order to get them interested – this is particularly true with older kids. One way to do this is to offer them some sort of extra reward in exchange for help in the garden. Try to keep this separate from any chores they do for pocket money, though – you want it to eventually become a fun and positive thing.

Benefits of Organic Food

There’s another benefit to you and your kids when it comes to growing food at home. You know exactly what kind of fertilizer you’re using in your own garden. You can make and use your own organic fertilizer, and you don’t have to worry about your kids ingesting chemicals sprayed on their food by huge commercial food producers.

Saving Money

Of course, don’t forget the other big benefit of growing your own food. With world food prices skyrocketing, a little vegetable patch can plant the seed for a healthier bank account!

Summer Gardening Ideas

As it is the beginning of the summer soon, now is a great time to be thinking about planting a garden.

Try these ideas for planning and growing your own food.
Growing an Italian Pizza Garden
Growing an Herb Garden
Grow your food scraps

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