5 Ways to Make Cooking with your Kids Fun

5 Ways to Make Cooking with your Kids Fun

1. Have a theme dinner night.

Choose a favorite movie, color, animal, etc and plan dinner around that theme.
Use these pages for help planning
Theme Dinners
Movie and Cooking Theme Night

2.  Have an International Night

Choose a country and try some new foods from the country. Dress up and create a dinner menu for fun.
See our international section for different countries you could highlight.

3. Have Leftovers for Dinner

Don't want your leftovers to go to waste? Have the kids be the waiter/waitress and include all the options (leftovers in your fridge) of what the chef is preparing tonight. (warming up) You could even write up a menu on a wipe board or print up your own restaurant menu with `Today's Special'.

Need some ideas of what to do with your leftovers?

4. Family Chefs

Let each member of the family choose their favorite dish and prepare it for a family feast. If you'd like to keep from having 5+ main dishes, assign a category to each such as vegetable dish, main dish, appetizer, dessert, etc.

See our recipe index for a category of menu recipes.

5. What's in the Cupboard Recipe Creation

Have each member of the family choose an item from the cupboard or fridge and as a family figure out how and/or what to make for dinner with the items.

What are some cooking activities you do at your house?

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