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Healthy Easter Basket Ideas

Healthy Easter Baskets

Easter is another one of those holidays that has turned into a super chocolate, candy, laden heaven! Here are 20 Healthy Easter ideas that you can fill up Easter baskets with instead of chocolate eggs, large chocolate bunnies and jelly beans.
  1. Homemade trail mix in a new fun water bottle

  2. Chalk and a mini chalkboard

  3. A new reading book. This is something I always have included in our Easter baskets

  4. Coloring books and new markers or crayons

  5. Fun pencil and eraser

  6. Bottle of bubbles

  7. Mini notebooks

  8. Fruit snacks

  9. A new hat

  10. Bouncy balls

  11. Jacks or marbles

  12. Stickers

  13. Bead set to make their own bracelets or necklaces

  14. Play dough and play dough tools. You can make homemade play dough if you'd like and buy simple tools to play with from $1 store or gather some odds and ends around the house.

  15. Silly Putty eggs

  16. Mini puzzles

  17. Homemade coupon good for_________. Fill in the blank for something you'd like to offer such as trip to the park, a special outing of your choice, etc.

  18. Lip gloss, combs, brushes, barrettes

  19. Fun new toothbrush

  20. Card games 

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