20 Non-Sandwich Lunch Ideas

We are more than halfway through the school year, at least at our house, and it always seems like it is time for some new lunch ideas. Preferably something non-sandwich like. Here is what we have come up with for some easy non sandwich ideas!

Kabobs- whether they are leftover from last night's dinner or a simple deli meat, cheese, pineapple or  tomato on a toothpick these are always fun for kids.
Ham and Cheese Kabob

Chicken salad with crackers- use leftover chicken from dinner or use rotisserie chicken meat and stir in light mayonnaise. If your kids will eat it, add in finely chopped celery, grapes or pickles!
Chicken Salad Recipe
Hot dog muffins- Using a simple corn muffin recipe, add in small chopped hot dogs or one inch hot dog in the middle of each muffin before baking.

Homemade Lunchables- All you need are mini cookie cutters and a plastic container to create your own lunchables.

Pizza Scrolls- Make a twist literally on a pizza kids can take in their lunch. Create these with bread dough. Roll dough out into a rectangle. Spread with pizza toppings. Roll up jelly roll style and slice. Add to a greased 13x9 pan and let rise 15 minutes. Bake at 350 degrees until golden brown.

Biscuit sticks- I love this recipe so much and it could be made into a simple lunch with chopped deli meat and cheese.
Biscuit Stick Recipe

Pasta Salad- Use fun shaped pasta, cook and add chopped vegetables, meat and cheese. Drizzle with an Italian dressing or Ranch whichever the kids like better and you have a simple pasta salad.
Pasta Salad Recipe

Tortilla roll ups and sliced- I have a kid that loves a jelly roll up once in awhile but you can be much more creative and add different fillings to a tortilla. Cut into slices and wrap in plastic wrap or in a plastic container.
Roll Ups and Wrap Ideas

Pita pizza cut in slices- Create a quick pita pizza, then toast in a toaster oven or bake for 5 minutes until cheese is melted. Cut into small wedges, let cool and place in lunch.

Silver dollar pancakes with nut butter - Nobody said breakfast was only for morning! Bake small silver dollar size pancakes, allow to cool and include a side of nut butter or applesauce for kids to put together at school.
Pancake Recipe and Spreads Ideas

Sliders- Sliders are simple mini size hamburgers. Mini size is always great for lunchboxes!
Making Hamburger Sliders

Meatballs- Whether you add a sauce or leave meatballs plan add a few in a bento box with a vegetable and fruit and it will be a fun change to lunch.
Making Homemade Meatballs

Rice ball- If your kids are a fan of rice, they'll love these little balls filled with vegetables or chopped meat.
Rice Balls Recipe

Spring rolls- A simple wrap kids love because they can see through it!
How to Make Spring Rolls

Granola and yogurt- Short on time or ideas? Add a side of granola with a package of yogurt. Include blueberries or raspberries as well if you have some on hand.

Salad to order- have children make their own side salad including whatever ingredients they like. I have one child one likes his with chopped lettuce, cooked bacon and chopped onion. A weird combination to me but he'll eat it so we're happy!

Cubes of ham and cheese- small cubes are always more fun!

Snack balls- Here are some recipes for snack balls to include in your lunchbox.
Snack Ball Recipes

Deviled eggs- Press the two halves together and wrap up for less mess.
Deviled Egg Recipe

Ready made packet of tuna- add in a vegetable, fruit and crackers if they like to go with their tuna.

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