Frugal Family Fun in the Kitchen- Part 1 Pizza Party

Fun in the Kitchen

Cooking together can be a delightful way to spend the evening and since dinner must be served; take the initiative to make it a family event.  By cooking together several things can happen; mom is in a better mood because she isn’t doing all the work, the little ones feel like they are super heroes because they are helping cook, teenagers will grumble at first but, then find themselves having healthy conversations with their parents, and even tired working dads will want to join the family in the preparation.

In this series we will give you some fun food ideas as well as some ideas that take place in the kitchen but, you won’t be eating the end results.

It’s Pizza Night

Make your own pizza night is a blast in our house.  It is crazy to watch some of the concoctions that come together on the dough.  There are a couple of options here depending on how much you want to save.  There is make it yourself pizza dough in a box that is very inexpensive or you can go for the already made crusts that are ready for toppings; these only cost a little more. 

Generally there is a smorgasbord of toppings laid out on the kitchen counter ready for everybody to choose from.  Making individual crusts are our favorite because each person truly can make their own personal pizza with whatever they choose.  Following is a list of some possible ingredients to have available and again you make the decisions based on your budget and your family’s likes and dislikes. 

    •    Pepperoni

    •    Mozzarella cheese – shredded

    •    Cheddar cheese – shredded

    •    Sausage

    •    Canadian Bacon

    •    Bacon bits

    •    Pineapple

    •    Jalapenos

    •    Black olives

    •    Onions

    •    Bell Peppers

    •    Mushrooms

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