Grow Food from Scraps

You can grow a lot of vegetables from scraps. Did you know that? Try some of these ideas:


Add a carrot top to a small bowl and cover the top with water. Continue to add water as needed. The green tops will start to grow and you can plant it in a garden if the weather outside is warm if not, plant it in a large pot and keep inside where it is warm.


Cut the ends off the celery stalks. Place in a bowl and cover with water. Continue to add water and don't let dry out. Leaves will start to form out the middle. If it is summer you can plant outside in an area that gets lots of sunshine and soon you will have full grown celery.


Cut the ends off your lettuce and place in a bowl. Add water to cover half or more of the bottoms. Add water as needed, trying not to dry out the plant.

Here are some more ideas for trying
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