Chef Koochooloo: International Culinary Adventures

There are so many kids cooking camps, cook books, and apps available today to introduce kids to the world of cooking. Most focus on teaching one simple recipe, and the learning stops there.

But, I recently came across a company that goes a step further and has created an international education platform that teaches kids about geography, math, science, and social responsibility through healthy and delicious recipes!

Chef Koochooloo is based in Silicon Valley, CA,  and their dynamic team of 4 has spent the last year and a half developing curriculum and bringing after school cooking classes to local schools.

During the one hour cooking session, children are guided on a culinary adventure as they learn kid relevant facts about each country, simple nutrition information about the Ingredient Spotlight of the recipe, an engaging cooking related science experiment, and practice math skills as they measure, chop, and peel! The hands on program turns even the pickiest eaters into curious foodies.

In addition to the after school programs, Chef Koochooloo has been hard at work developing a cookbook with their favorite recipes from the past year, as well as a cooking app for the iPad, so that families can enjoy and explore the curriculum at home! Featuring an interactive 3D globe, children can fly around the world and pick a country to start learning about a new culture through fun facts and over 300 delicious recipes.

Cooking steps are thoughtfully broken down into “Big Chef” and “Little Chef” duties so that parents know just how to include their children in the kitchen.

Vegetarian, Gluten Free and Dairy Free settings are available to accommodate different diets. Quick quizzes are added so that Little Chefs have an activity while they wait for their duties in the kitchen. At the end, families are presented with social issues affecting children in different countries and thought provoking questions to present to their child.

Chef Koochooloo also features international chefs and food bloggers through their App and Social channels! If you are interested in submitting recipes or becoming the Chef Ambassador for your country, contact the team at

Check out their website for more information and look for Chef Koochooloo on the app store this Fall!

Chef Koochooloo would love to share a free class with my subscribers, so use promo code KIDSCOOK when you sign up!