Online Cooking Classes

I came across this resource for teaching kids about cooking. Bluprint has online classes and many of them are free after you sign up. I’ve chosen 5 of my favorites. However there are almost 100 classes available so make sure you browse to find some of your own favorites.

Bread Making Basics- Download a ebooklet and learn more about making homemade breads. - Free

25 Ways to Transform your Cooking- pro tips and tutorials on egg cooking basics. - Not free

20 Essential Cooking Techniques- Learn about enhancing flavors, cooking eggs in a variety of ways, cooking vegetables, chicken, making stock and cooking fish and pork.-
(this class isn’t free but fairly cheap for all the learning information in it)

Knife Skills- a must class for learning correct way for using a kitchen knife and being safe. -Free

Love your Vegetables- What kids to learn to love cooking vegetables.
This video covers cooking different vegetables including winter squash, root vegetables, hearty greens, cabbage, peppers, eggplant, tomatoes, beans and more. -Not Free

Let me know if you find a class you recommend!

Hope you enjoy it as much I did!

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