What to Do on Mother's Day Ideas?

Mother’s Day is coming up soon (psst it’s Sunday, May 10th this year) and you don’t want it to sneak up on you so get a grown up to help and make a plan to take care of mom for a change. Take a look at the easy ideas below, choose one and make this Mother’s Day one she will not soon forget.

Breakfast In Bed

If your mom is like most, then I bet she is usually up early every morning to get everyone ready for the day. Why not let her sleep in this year and then serve her breakfast in bed? To keep things simple, plan your surprise the night before. You could serve mom her favorite muffins, fresh fruit and beverage. Make sure to include a nice flower and maybe even a poem written by you especially for the occasion.

A Day To Herself 

Your mom loves you very much. That’s why she is always ready to help you out anytime you need anything. Imagine the look on your mom’s face when you present her with a coupon for a full day to do whatever SHE would like to do. All you need to do is get a pretty piece of paper and create your own gift certificate entitling your mother to one day of peace and quiet. Decorate it with markers, crayons or stickers.

Anything you think your mom would like. When she wakes up Mother’s Day morning, present her your gift certificate filled with love. If you want to really impress her, ask a grown up to buy a book you know she’s been wanting to read. You could even present the book and coupon with a pretty cup or mug so she can enjoy her favorite beverage while she’s reading quietly. As for the “quiet” part – ask the grown up helping you to make sure you are kept busy as well as supervised so that mom doesn’t have to worry about anything the whole day long.

Family Day

If you think your mom would prefer spending time with the family instead of a quiet day alone, plan something fun your mom enjoys doing. She spends a lot of time making sure you are entertained and often will not do something she enjoys because she know you would enjoy doing something else better.

Why not repay that kindness by planning a day of fun family activities that you might not ordinarily do? Need some suggestions of what mom might like to do?
  • If your mom likes art, you could take her to the local museum. Many museums even have a place where you can enjoy lunch together.
  • If mom likes the outdoors, pack a picnic lunch and head to the park or trails.

  • Does mom like music? Take her to a concert with music from “when she was a girl.” Buy tickets for the whole family and go enjoy.

  • Is mom a movie lover? Going to the movies to see a movie she wants to see is a great idea, but can be expensive. Why not rent a few of her favorite movies, pop some popcorn and spend the day watching at home? 

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