Watermelon Snacks

It’s that time of year again - time to enjoy some of nature’s most delicious foods. Summertime yields some of the juiciest and sweetest fruits there are and watermelon is on the top of my list. Why do I love watermelon so much? It’s sweet, juicy and refreshing.

Just the thought of a juicy slice makes my mouth water, especially on a hot summer’s day. Not only that, but some of that pretty red and green fruit brightens up any plate or table; not to mention how good it is for you.

All the water in watermelon will fill you up and naturally cleanses your body. Yes, I know the seeds can be a little annoying, but to me, they are worth the work of picking them out (or spitting them out…politely of course) for all the other benefits you get from watermelon.

Watermelon Fruit Bowls

For a beautiful side dish on any table, lay the watermelon on its side and cut about 1/4 of the top off using a zig-zag motion, which will make a nice oblong “ watermelon bowl”.  Slice about a 1/4 of the bottom off to make a stable base. You can use a round watermelon as well.
Create little melon balls by scooping out the fruit with the help of a melon-baller. Remove the seeds as much as possible while scooping. You will want to place the melon balls in a bowl while scooping, then once the inside of the melon is fairly clean and smooth, place the melon balls inside the watermelon bowl.

You can add other melon like cantaloupe and honey dew as well, if desired. The top part of the watermelon can be used as a lid if transporting. Be sure to use the flesh from the lid as melon balls as well so not to waste any of the delicious goodness.

For the more creative readers, create shapes out of the watermelon like fish and cars.

For breakfast, dice up some seeded watermelon; layer with banana slices, apples, oranges or other fruit of your liking. Add some yogurt and granola for a tasty and healthy morning starter.

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