Pumpkin Theme Night

So I've been collected these cute little pumpkins as I go to the grocery store and I'm thinking of doing dinner in a pumpkin. I think it would be really fun for each member of the family to have their own pumpkin "bowl".
We could make it a whole fall celebration with dinner in a pumpkin, apple cider and pumpkin bars for dessert. Maybe watching a movie together eating toasted pumpkin seeds.

Sounds like a pumpkin date!

Dinner in a Pumpkin

1 small-medium pumpkin
Try serving your favorite soup recipe in a pumpkin! This looks great in the middle of the dinner table. Just scoop out and serve.
Cut top off pumpkin, scoop out seeds and strings. Prepare your favorite soup or stew recipe.

Some Great Ideas for Dinner in A Pumpkin:

Cook in oven 1 hour or until pumpkin is tender. Serve.
Here are some soup recipes to try.

Dessert Pumpkins

Put those cute little mini pumpkins to use by serving dessert inside. Hallow the insides and seeds out and fill with your favorite homemade pudding, mousse or ice cream.

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