Unhealthy Eating Habits to Avoid

Unhealthy Habits to Avoid

There are a lot of unhealthy eating habits that we unknowingly teach our children because we learned them from our parents. In many cases, it’s these unhealthy eating habits that contribute to the woes we suffer in regards to our children’s eating habits. Below are some unhealthy eating habits to avoid teaching your children. Later in the article, we’ll look at ways to promote healthy eating habits.

1. Bargaining for Dessert. 

When our children are little, using dessert to get them to eat their veggies seems like a pretty smart (and easy) way to get the nutritious food down them.

However, kids learn quick and they will begin to bargain with you all the time for dessert. They’ll use this technique to ensure they only have to eat the minimum required before they can have dessert. Therefore, don’t get this practice started!

2. You Must Clean Your Plate

While it sounds like a good rule to have to teach children not to put more on their plate then they can eat, this actually contributes to childhood obesity. Don’t force your children to eat everything on their plate, instead let them eat until they feel full. You can always start with small portions and give them seconds if they want it.

3. No Eating Before Mealtime

Most likely, we’ve all been told not to eat something before mealtime or our meal will be ruined. Of course, you don’t want your kids filling up on candy before a meal, but snacking between meals is often necessary for kids nonetheless. To remedy this problem, set daily snack times and feed your kids healthy snacks to subside their hunger until mealtime.

4. Repetitively Serving Food. 

Many parents will save food their child didn’t finish eating and serve it repetitively until it’s been eaten. This is not safe as bacteria grows on food easily. It also isn’t good, emotionally, for your child to make them sit at the table until everything on their plate has been eaten. This can create a lot of stress at mealtimes, and even contribute to an eating disorder later on.

5. Feeding Jarred Baby Food. 

Believe it or not, many nutritionists have suggested that feeding babies jarred baby food can actually ruin certain foods for these children for years to come. So, instead of buying the pureed baby foods, make your own by mashing up healthy adult foods like steamed carrots, mashed potatoes, bananas, etc. for your baby to eat.

Create Healthy Habits

Above are just five unhealthy eating habits that we teach our children. Below you will find some healthy habits you can use instead of those listed above.

1. Encourage Snacks 

Snacks aren’t bad, so encourage snack time and serve healthy foods instead of high-fat, high-sugar snacks.

2. Stop Eating When Full 

Teach your children to “listen” to their stomachs at mealtime. When they start to feel full, it’s time to quit eating. Serve your child smaller portions to help them get used to this.

3. Do Away with Dessert 

If you want to stop the dessert bargaining, do away with dessert. Or, you can serve dessert an hour after dinner is over…or, you can start preparing healthy “desserts” that can be served with the meal (fruit salad, fruit Jell-O, low-sugar baked apples, fresh fruit with yogurt dipping sauce, etc.).

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