How to Teach Kids Healthy Habits

It’s important to teach your children healthy habits because these habits will often follow them into adulthood and establish how they raise their families. This is also true for the physical fitness activities you raise your children around. Below are some tips for incorporating health habits and fitness routines into your child’s life.

1. Get Started! The most important thing you can do is start working a healthy routine into your daily lifestyle. Your kids will follow your lead, therefore, it all starts with you. And, you have to get started before it will work!

2. Take Small Steps. You don’t have to take a giant leap into family fitness by purchasing expensive gym memberships. Instead, take it in small steps. For example, take a walk or hike as a family once or twice a week. You could also take a once-a-week martial arts class together. Basically, the point is that whatever activities you do, your family has fun doing them. When your kids see that physical activities can be fun, they will continue to do these activities as they get older.

3. Teach Them How to Cook. Another aspect of living a healthy life is to cook healthy meals. This isn’t something that comes naturally, so you will have to teach your family how to do this too. Get your kids in the kitchen when you cook and show them what you’re doing and why you’re doing it. Point out the various colors of different herbs, spices and vitamins. You can also get your kids involved by allowing them to help you shop for (or even grow) food. As they get older, begin letting them help you prepare the meals and once they are old enough, allow them to cook a meal or two a week for the entire family!

4. Snacking is Okay. Teach your kids that it’s okay to snack throughout the day. It has long been said that it’s better to each five or six small meals per day than it is to eat two or three large meals. However, stress the importance of snacking on healthy foods.

To promote healthy snacking habits, keep healthy snacks such as raw veggies, nuts, yogurt, seeds, fruit and whole grains on hand. You can also take your family’s favorite fruits, puree them and freeze for yummy frozen treats! Not only can snacks be healthy and fun, but they can also help health-related issues such as stabilizing blood sugar levels in kids.

Healthy Snack Recipes