Add On Healthy Foods -5 a day

According to nutritionists, we are supposed to be getting at least five services of fruits and veggies a day. Therefore, you need to look for creative ways to add fruits and veggies to you and your kids’ diets.

Here are some Healthy Eating Suggestions:

• Prepare scrambled eggs or omelets with chopped veggies.
• Serve fruit with breakfast.
• Serve fruit with low-fat yogurt for a healthy snack.
 • Fresh veggies with low-fat dipping sauce, make great snacks too.
• Serve a fresh cut salad with veggies with dinner.

What to Eliminate in your Eating

Now that we’ve covered some ways you can substitute healthy foods in to your kids’ menus, let’s talk about the foods you need to eliminate from their diets.

• Processed fruit snacks. Replace with real dried fruits.
• Chips and dip. Replace with baked corn chips and salsa.
• Cookies and candy bars. Replace with healthy granola bars.
• Milkshakes and full-fat milk. Replace with real fruit smoothies.
• White floured products. Replace with products made with whole wheat flour.
• Sugary desserts. Replace with fresh fruits and low-fat yogurt. Making all of these changes can be difficult, but here’s a few shopping tips to help you get started.
• Primarily shop the outside of the grocery store, as most processed foods are found in the inside aisles.
• Get all of your fresh produce prepared (wash, chopped and stored) on the day you bring it home from the grocery store to make it easily accessible.
• The majority of the items you buy at the grocery store should be in the produce section followed by whole grain products and lean meats.

Healthy Snack Recipes