10 Healthy Snack Choices For Kids On The Go

For so many years, convenience foods have been considered to be chips, canned meats and other, rather unhealthy foods. The fact of the matter is, today many foods have become convenient, but the stigma behind unhealthy convenience foods is still hanging around.

Childhood obesity is a problem in our culture today and we blame it in part on these convenience foods. In attempts to shed some pounds from the myth that all convenience foods are bad for kids, here are 10 healthy convenience foods great for keeping kids fit:

1. Raisins

There is a little bit of sunshine in every box. Raisins are a great snack for kids. They are ultra-portable and packed with vitamins and nutrients. It doesn't get much more convenient than grabbing a little box of raisins on the way out the door.

2. String Cheese

Prepackaged cheese is one of the best convenience foods around. String cheese is made with skim milk so is low in fat. It is not neon orange color; it is natural. When you see cheese that is neon orange, it has dyes added, which you don't need.

3. Yogurt

A helping of dairy in a single portable cup. Yogurt is a tasty and healthy option for kids; it provides calcium, healthy bacteria and makes for a great fruit dip. Mix in a bit of fruit, add a topping of granola, and you've got a complete treat.

4. Trail Mix

A hand full, or three, of a natural trail mix can be the perfect on-the-go snack for kids. With the fiber to fill them up and the nutrition to keep them going, trail mix is a handy energy snack for active kids. Resist the temptation to buy the ones with lots of chocolate, coconut, or other sweets. A little sugar goes a long way. Opt for trail mix with lots of grains, nuts, and even dried fruit.

5. Popcorn

A light and filling snack anytime day or night. Void of the oils and salt, popcorn is an incredibly healthy snack. If you need something for flavor, try some of the all-natural seasonings. Parmesan cheese packs a lot of flavor in just a few sprinkles. A combination of dried herbs can make this healthy snack even better.

6. Applesauce

Mix it with cinnamon, stir in some strawberry puree, no matter what you do, applesauce will always be a healthy, convenient comfort food. Remember how good it was when you were a kid? It still is one of the all-time favorites. Just keep it handy and your kids will gobble it up.

7. Fruit

Nature's convenience food. Oftentimes wrapped in its own convenient package, fresh fruit is easy to tote around and great for you. To boost the convenience factor for kids, peel a variety of fruit and package it in zip-lock bags or plastic food containers. Be sure to squeeze a touch of lemon juice in to make sure everything stays fresh.

8. Beef Jerky

You might not automatically consider this a healthy convenience food, but it is. The reason is because in order to prevent the jerky from going rancid, the process calls for trimming the fat off before it's cured. It's also a great source of protein without the carbs. The jerky is first marinated and then smoked which is a preferred method of cooking for people who are health conscious. Most kids like bacon, and this is a healthier alternative which is also convenient for on-the-go nibbling.

9. Pretzels with peanut butter

Just the right amount of creamy-crunchy goodness, pretzels dipped in peanut butter are nutritious and quite portable. Choose fat free pretzels and natural peanut butter and you'll have a healthy snack perfect for those days filled with soccer practice, guitar lessons, or other things that keeps kids and parents on the run.

10. Fig Newtons

Available in a wide variety of flavors, fig newtons are a great way to pack in some fruit. With only about 20 calories from fat, this is a great snack for kids with a sweet tooth. These little nuggets are a very nice option for sugary treats.

If your kids are on the go as much as you are, having healthy convenience foods on hand will make life much easier. Choose some of these healthy convenience foods the next time you are at the store to keep your kids satisfied, active, and healthy.

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