Ideas for Adding 5 a Day in your Diet

Learn how to make five a day (and more) a reality with these few tips.

Use fruit as a snack – How will you reach for fruit instead of chips? Well, take the chips out of the house. Then, cut up your fresh fruit in preparation for snack time. Whip up a little fruity cream cheese dip so that kids can enjoy dipping their fruits. What fruits work well for this? Try strawberry pieces, bananas, peaches, melon, oranges and apples. Apples are also great dipped in low-fat caramel.

Vegetables as a snack – One good turn deserves another. Lay out veggie trays for family and friends to snack on when they come over. Avoid bringing sugary snacks at get-togethers so no one has to be tempted with unhealthy fare.

Drink your juice – When you are in a hurry, you may not necessarily want to munch on an apple. With all the fiber, it will be slow going to get it all down. How about juice? There has been a lot of literature on fruit juices. As long as you stick to 100% fruit juice and no more than eight ounces a day you won’t get too many calories and you can count that as one of your five a day.

An alternative is to juice your own fruits and vegetables or make a smoothie. Invest in a juicer and create your own combinations that have all of the nutrients with none of the preservatives and extra sugar.

Dried snacks – This works best with fruit. Carry a bag of dried fruits with you to snack on when you want something sweet.

Spruce up dips and sauces – Cut a few extra vegetables for sauces, casseroles and salsa. It already contains some vegetables when you buy them from the store, but those extras you add provide texture and more opportunities to sneak in a few extra veggies. Here are some easy dip recipes.