Breakfast- Start the Day Out Right with More Nutrition

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. And, you want to make the most of your breakfast to get you going. Your body needs fuel to get moving in the morning. Breakfast revs up your metabolism and also gives nutrients. To that end what you choose for breakfast is also crucial.

Here’s a tip: Avoid sugary foods at breakfast. Remember what happens when you eat a candy bar for a boost in the afternoon? You feel good like the Energizer Bunny for about an hour and then you sink into the floor. The bottom drops out and you are more sluggish than you were before.
This is what can happen in the morning. You don’t want to run out of steam mid-morning when you are just getting going. Besides, sugary foods set up a vicious cycle. The more sugar you eat, the more your body wants. Examples: donuts, cookies, high-fat muffins, candy bars, Danish pastries and the like.

Here are Better Ideas for your Morning Nutrition

And, they provide the boost you need. In fact, choosing carbohydrates that have a low glycemic index slowly break down throughout the morning to give you a constant source of energy without sugar spikes.

Fruit and Grains

Both of these are antioxidant super foods. What does that mean? They help the body fight the signs of aging as well as boost the immune system and help your heart. This is all in addition to providing a great fuel source. Create a fruit parfait with berries, low-fat yogurt, and granola or rolled oats. You get the crunchy, the sweet and the nutritious. Try a granola recipe.


There’s a lot of good stuff here. You can add chopped spinach (Florentine), sliced or diced veggies, lean cubed meats and low-fat cheese to your eggs to create a power breakfast that is sure to get you through the morning. If you are short on time, combine the ingredients together the night before so all you have to do is spoon them into the omelet during cooking.

Hot Cereal

This is your farina (Cream of Wheat), grits and oatmeal. Use sugar substitutes to add sweetness without empty calories. Also, throw in a few super food berries (blueberries, strawberries). It is a hot meal that satisfies.

So what do you eat for breakfast? Please, share your breakfast meal ideas!

Breakfast Recipes