Kids Party Food - Fun Ideas to Serve at a Children's Party

Kids party food should be simple to prepare and easy to eat. Your budget, the location of the party and the age of the children will be a huge factor in determining which foods you will serve. In most cases, you will also find that because there is so much to do the day of the party, any food that can be prepared the day before and refrigerated overnight you should certainly bump to the top of the list.

Children like colorful foods and if you are able to, cutting the snacks into unique shapes is even better. Also, take into consideration the age of the guests. Since most kids can turn any food into finger food, go with the flow. Don’t forget to have plenty of napkins and wet wipes.

The Cake

The cake and ice cream are must haves when it comes to kids party food especially for birthday celebrations. The cake can be a standard two or three layer round, or single-layer rectangular sheet cake, which has plenty of room for decorations.

Also, a theme cake baked in the shape of a cartoon character or that is thematically decorated will be photo-worthy. While you want the cake to be special, you don’t have to decorate it as elaborately as a wedding cake. Children will admire it more with their taste buds than their eyes.

The Menu

Sandwiches are often a staple kids party food. Let your creativity shine and cut the bread into shapes with cookie cutters before building the sandwich. For an easily prepared yet creative finger-food, try making sandwich wheels. After removing the crust from whole wheat bread, roll out the slices with a rolling pin. Spread on cream cheese and insert a piece of celery before rolling it up.

Jell-O boats are another colorful and easy to make party food. Halve a few oranges and scoop out the flesh. Mix several flavors of Jell-O and pour into the empty oranges. When the Jell-O has set, cut the halves into fourths and arrange them on a serving tray. In the same sentiment, rainbow cups are also a big hit with kids. Get small clear plastic cups, and one color at a time, pour different colors of Jell-O into them. Be sure to let each layer gel before adding the next layer.

Kids party food can also be healthy.
  • Prepare zucchini cheesecake the day before the party and warm it in a microwave before serving.
  • Make an easy fruit boat by scooping the flesh out of the ends of a watermelon with a melon baller and then using the ends as shells into which you can put the watermelon balls, cantaloupe, strawberries and grapes. If you have a little talent and a template, cut the melon to resemble the open mouth of a shark.
  • Frozen bananas are easy. Make by inserting popsicle sticks into bananas and then rolling them in honey before coating them with coconut. Put them in the freezer overnight and they will be ready for the next day’s party.
  • Fruit kabobs are always fun and kids love eating off a stick.
fruit kabobs

Quick Treats

If you’re short on time and need quick party food ideas, don’t forget to consider these traditional snacks:
Mini pizzas vegetable platter
Hot dogs or homemade corn dogs
Cocktail sausages in barbecue sauce
Strawberries dipped in chocolate
Cheese tray
Deli meat platters
Deviled eggs
Hot dog rollups
Mini corndogs
Vegetable platters
Fruit platters


At birthday parties, kids are hit-and-run eaters. Older kids might sit down to eat, but the younger kids will be playing food-in-hand. Don’t forget to ask parents about any food allergies or lactose intolerance issues. Plan and prepare the kids party food as much as possible the day before the party. Also, keep the birthday cake out of sight until you are ready to serve it. Birthdays are a time to gratify the sweet tooth but it is best not to turn it into sugar-fest. If you are having cake and ice cream try not to include cookies in the menu as well.

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