Healthy Eating Series pt 4

 One of those new year's resolutions often is to eat healthier. Now that it is past January, are you still working on this? To be honest I try not to make this resolution instead, I try to make small changes. So in the next few weeks I'll talk about what healthy changes we try to implement at our house.

 Our final thought this month on eating healthy is about a key factor of living well, Exercise!

Make Exercise Fun
There are those who love to exercise, make it a point to exercise regularly and those who are fanatics about exercise. Then there are those of us who don’t love to exercise, don’t find it fun nor enjoyable in the tiniest sense of the word. However, you can make exercise fun, enjoyable and something to look forward to; all you need to do is figure out what that is. Perhaps walking with a friend will make it seem less like exercise and more like social hour.

Find a family activity that includes exercise. Or find a fun dance aerobics DVD that gets your body moving to rhythms you like. You can also find workout programs on YouTube or Amazon that will help to keep you motivated and excited about exercise. You may have to try a few different things, but don’t give up. Eventually you’ll find something that works for you, that you will stick with. And if you get tired of it, find something else. The important thing is to keep your body moving.
Make Eating Healthy Fun
Just as there are people in the world who only eat healthy foods, there are those of us in the world who are junk food junkies. But, just as you can make exercise fun, so can eating healthy be fun. When you’re craving sweets, choose fresh, colorful berries or fruit. When you’re craving crunchy, choose nuts or crunchy veggies.

Once you start making exercise and eating healthy more fun and enjoyable, the more energy and healthier you'll feel!

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