Sandwich Ideas for Kids

Today's Kids Cook Monday theme was Sandwiches.

My kids usually pick tuna or peanut butter sandwiches so I wanted to show them there was a lot more variety than that!

We made chicken salad sandwich, BLT (without the L as I didn't have any) and meatball subs.
We poached 3 chicken breasts in water. Then allowed them to cool. The kids chopped the chicken in a mini food processor. Then added mayonnaise. Simple and good!

We had leftover meatballs so added them to slices of French bread and topped with extra sauce. Then we voted for their favorite. Emphasizing that in order to vote you have to taste each sandwich. BLT won hands down after all we are a bacon loving family! Don't eat bacon? Try turkey bacon we replace "real bacon" at our house with it and love it just the same.

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