French Dip Sandwiches in the Instant Pot

French Dips

Instant pot French dips are a great way to use the meat setting on your instant pot and get used to how it handles your meat based meals. Just use a chuck roast along with beef broth and seasonings. Cook the meat until tender and carve or shred it. Place on the hoagie buns and make your dipping sauce. It is quick, easy, and it lets you have sandwich meat for several meals. This is ideal for make ahead lunches that can pair with soups or salads. When you make your own French dip, it is a lot healthier than you might imagine, especially if you put it on a whole wheat bun.

Features of an Instant Pot

The Instant pot or electric pressure cooker comes equipped with some amazing, new features that include altitude adjustment, cooking indicator, and a steam release reset button, as well having an Ultra button that will provide custom programming. Another new feature of this pressure cooker is the ability to cook eggs and bake cakes, as well sterilizing itself.

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