Friday, February 5, 2016

Frugal Family Fun in the Kitchen part 4- Cookie Marathon

In our frugal family fun series we have talked about different ways to have fun in the kitchen with your family.
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Cookie Marathon

Who doesn’t love homemade cookies? Let everyone in your family choose a different cookie recipe. Work as a team to make each recipe as best as you can. There are endless cookie recipes to choose from, and with a family of different personalities, each member is certain to have a different sweet treat in mind. Not only will your house smell delicious, but helping your children bake is an important skill that they can carry with them as they grow. Not to mention that they’ll be more than happy with mounds of cookies in front of them!

Make plates and give them to neighbors, teachers and friends.

See our favorite cookie recipes here.

Stay tuned for Part 5, our final post, in our Frugal Family Fun in the Kitchen Series

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Frugal Family Fun series:
Part 1 -Pizza Time
Part 2 -Breakfast Chefs
Part 3- Bouncy Balls
Part 4- Cookie Marathon
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