Saturday, December 12, 2015

12 Days of Christmas Giveaways

It's been a good year for me, it is not that I haven't had problems arise or that I've earned an exuberant amount of money. Far from it really! I've worked hard and had a lot of big changes come about but I feel truly blessed with the opportunities and ideas that have flowed and come about this year.

I'd like to take the time this year to share 12 of my favorite things, not all cooking related, but things that have touched our family this year. It is my way of thanking you for your support and kindness this year.
Merry Christmas!

A few notes about the giveaway:
1. Contest starts 12/12 and ends on 12/25
2. I will be mailing all prizes after Christmas
3. Scroll through the giveaway list and click on the entry page for each giveaway. Giveaway signups are not on this page.
4. Giveaways with mailing prizes is only open to USA residents. If you live outside the USA, please sign up for the ebook downloads: Giveaway #10. 11, and 12.

Thanks for joining in, all prizes have been awarded.

Christmas Giveaway #1

Annabel Karmel Cook it Together Cookbook - a fun and colorful kids cookbook. Annabel Karmel was one of the first cookbook authors I interviewed on our site and I found her delightful. Click on her interview and enter to win one of her cookbooks.

Enter to win the cookbook here.

Christmas Giveaway #2

One of my most popular books this year in our Cooking Amazon series is our Homemade Popsicle Recipes book. I loved putting it together and others have loved trying healthy, and maybe not so healthy ways, to make homemade Popsicles.  Included in this giveaway:

Silcione ice pop molds- pkg 6

 Zipzicle ice pop molds

Homemade Popsicle Book

Enter to win the giveaway on our popsicle recipe page.

Christmas Giveaway #3

A major project this year was putting together our kids cooking lessons in a student and instructor manual and making it available in paperback books as well as digital ebooks.

This giveaway is for our Kids Cooking Lessons Instructor and Student Manuals paperback books.

Christmas Giveaway #4

Working from home can be a struggle between balancing kids and work and I've tried to create a better balance this year. This giveaway is a Focus on Family Theme.

Frugal Family Fun: frugal activities for family time

Enter the focus on family giveaway here.

Christmas Giveaway #5

This year I opened up our Kids Cooking Activities shop and I'm startin for the first time selling physical products like these kids cooking aprons.

Enter to win a kids cooking apron here.

Christmas Giveaway #6

Packing kids lunches and snacks are always a challenge and many people come to our site looking for ideas.
This giveaway is for a Lunch bag and Lunchbox Recipe book.

 Enter the make lunch fun giveaway

Christmas Giveaway #7

This year I was introduced to essential oils and have loved using them in my everyday life.
This giveaway is for a Essential Oil Diffuser Necklace and Essential oil sample packets.

Enter this essential oil giveaway here.

Christmas Giveaway #8

One of my other favorite hobbies in life is writing children's stories. This year I've been working on a series that I hope to release next year. Writing has played a big part of what I have been doing this year.

This giveaway is for a Children's Picture Book Assortment by D.L. Madson

Enter this giveaway here.

Christmas Giveaway #9

Coloring books have been a new thing this year, they seem to be everywhere.   They are a form of relaxation and mindfulness through coloring intricate patterns. This giveaway is for a set of paperback coloring books.

Christmas Giveaway #10

I love geography and learning to cook cultural recipes is always a fun way to learn more about geography and the world we live in. This giveaway is for our Cooking around the World EBook

Enter the giveaway on our world studies page.

Christmas Giveaway #11

This giveaway is an automatic freebie! No need to sign up and have your name drawn.
Merry Christmas!

Sorry this is no longer available.

Christmas Giveaway #12

This was a major accomplish this year and something I felt very inspired to put together for those wanting to teach kids cooking skills. Our Teacher Curriculum Set is a complete kit for teaching kids to cook.

Enter the Teacher Curriculum Set giveaway here. 

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