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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Cooking Teacher's Curriculum Set

Find details on our Cooking Teacher's Curriculum Set.

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  1. This would curriculum would be a great addition to my after school cooking club I will lead next semester! :)

  2. This curriculum set would be dynamic in teaching homeschool kids how to cook awesum

  3. My hubby loves to cook and has been trying to include our girl's but doesn't really know how to go about it - this would be awesome! I could incorporate it into our homeschool studies - bonus!!

  4. I currently teach my homeschooled children cooking as part of our Montessori Practical Life curriculum and the 'Cooking Teacher's Curriculum Set' is on our resource wish list for 2016. We would be so appreciative to win this giveaway as I am struggling financially to purchase the resources I need due an extremely tight budget (I'm making most of our resources this year, printables etc). A win like this would be awesome for us :)